Farm Rio Designed Havaianas Flip Flops hanging from string between coconut trees Farm Rio Designed Havaianas Flip Flops hanging from string between coconut trees

Feeling free, looking good

Comfortable, iconic, bright, and bold—our most loved collection with fellow Brazilian brand and bestie, FARM Rio, is officially back in stock! Feel free and look good with prints that tell a story with every step and embrace the feeling of an endless summer. shop now

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Style with a story

Get to know the freshly picked prints of the Havaianas x FARM Rio collection, each one embracing a different aspect of

Brazil’s rich cultural heritage.

Vibrant Brazil: Embrace the Tropics!


The Borogodo print captures the essence of Brazil's rich cultural heritage with elements featuring a mesmerizing eye, a delightful banana, a swaying palm tree, and the majestic blue macaw. Each element, adorned with colorful beads, represents the harmony of nature and spirit. 🌺🌟

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FARM Rio Havaianas flip flops

Colonial Charm meets Nature's Grace 🏰🍃

Celebrate Brazil's architectural marvels with our Toucan print, inspired by the iconic blue tiles adorning colonial buildings. Against a white backdrop, delicate watercolor illustrations of two toucans exude the allure of the tropical rainforest.

The blue tiles, known as "azulejos," were introduced to Brazil during its colonial era and have since become an integral part of the country's architectural identity.

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Blooming Chita: A Tapestry of Brazilian Culture 🌺🎨

Our Multi Flower print pays homage to Brazil's cultural heritage with the iconic 'chita' fabric. Bursting with vibrant red, pink, and orange roses on a sunny yellow backdrop, this floral extravaganza symbolizes joy, passion, and tradition. Embrace the lively spirit of Brazilian festivities and timeless patterns that are woven into the nation's history.

The 'chita' fabric has a rich cultural significance in Brazil, representing a fusion of indigenous, African, and European influences, and has been widely used in traditional attire and celebrations throughout the country's history.

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Dress in happiness

When you look good, you feel good! Embrace happiness and give yourself an instant serotonin boost with the day-brightening freshness of

FARM Rio. 

Feeling free, looking good

Vacay time = you time. Pack your bags with styles that will have you looking good and feeling free.

Wanderlust at heart

You’re a wanderlust at heart, your style should reflect that—just like @ingridschneider!

Where will you take your Havaianas?

Step into style and out into the world like @ingridschneider in her Havaianas x FARM Rio flip flops.

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