Let's make a free planet together

We believe in a carefree world and in the power of renewal, so we have committed ourselves 

to two things that go hand in hand: the planet and our people.

Havaianas Community’s Impact

1% of every Havaianas purchase is donated to a

project goal of your choice with non-profit, IPÊ.

Check out the impact the Havaianas community is making.

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Havaianas ❤️ Planet

We're always thinking with the planet in mind. From beaches to forests, we give back so that people, just like you, will feel inspired to make more conscious choices in their daily lives in order to live in the lightest, most harmonious way possible. 

When it comes to manufacturing, we're fully immersed in our processes and products — we're constantly looking for innovative solutions and rethinking traditional logistics, from raw materials, production, transportation, to even final disposal and recycling.

Sustainable Products

It's our mission to follow the journey of our products from beginning to end, starting with how they are made and finishing with how we can add value when their life cycle ends. We've even increased the amount of recycled materials and/or renewable sources in our products. As of today, 97% of our sandals are produced with around 40% of reused rubber! How cool is that?

Our goals is to invest in low-carbon materials so that we create minimal waste and have a positive impact on our communities. Behind all of the shapes, curves, colors, and fun prints, there are people and suppliers who work hard on the Havaianas you love, from creation to post-use. We want everyone (including you!) to feel empowered when wearing us, so we prioritize processes, initiatives, technologies, and materials that reduce our impact on the planet.

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We Recycle

It's simple! Drop off your used Havaianas or any other old flip flops in our reCYCLE bins and we will recycle them for you. You can locate a bin at select Havaianas stores or at some of our in-person events!

With the help of our partner, SBC - Solutions Group, we will turn your old flip flops into reusable energy, creating a freer planet. 

Help us give the planet some love by taking care of today for a brighter tomorrow!

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Havaianas ❤️ People

For us, nothing feels better than a colorful and comfortable environment where everyone can express their unique way of life freely.

Our goal is to make sure that people can identify with, feel represented by, and have access to our diverse range of products. We want people to know that with Havaianas on, you can always feel inspired to express yourself freely.

Our journey to create a more free world is a continuous evolution — we know that the footprints we leave behind are as important as the steps we take.

Alpargatas Sustainability Strategy

Our strategy reflects the sustainability journey of our parent company, Alpargatas S.A. Learn more about the Alpargatas Sustainability Strategy, and check out more information related to Havaianas sustainability efforts.

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We're all about circularity

We value the principles of a circular economy. Because of this, we continually work to improve waste management through our production process, investments in innovative technology, and development of partnerships.

In addition to being extra careful about our production process, we also focus on the end cycle of our products. Every time someone purchases a new pair of Havaianas and stops using their old ones, a cycle of use ends, and a new one begins. Instead of throwing them out, we encourage our consumers to recycle them with us through our reCYCLE program.

Our products and process

We're always looking for ways to develop more sustainable products and address any critical issues within our value chain. Our main focuses are choosing the proper materials, our supply and distribution chain, and efficiency of our industrial processes, including consumer transparency.

our production process

Sustainable every step of the way

When it comes to sustainability, we look at our entire production chain, from our packaging, materials, production lines, and even transportation to you! It's important for us to understand all the links so that we can be conscious of our impact on the environment and society.

We invest $20M globally in innovation

Every year, we re-evaluate our portfolio, research new raw materials, seek partnerships, and design more sustainable products capable of building systemic solutions together with partners.

Products contributing to a more conscious world

Products for cause

We know that sustainability is part of a collective movement. That's why we have incredible partners who share the same values ​​and strengthen our socio-environmental commitment.

When you purchase any item from these Collections, 7% of sales are donated to projects for the conservation and restoration of biodiversity and social inclusion.

Learn more about our cause-related products and how to help.

Our social responsibility

We're so thankful to be in millions of homes throughout the world and to celebrate diversity we work hard every day to create a more inclusive world with more equal opportunities

In addition, we work to generate a positive social impact in the regions where we are mostly concentrated. With Instituto Alpargatas (IA), the social responsibility department of our parent company, Alpargatas S.A, we bring first-rate education, professional training and incentives for entrepreneurship to 13 Brazilian municipalities. 

Our work is guided by the collective good, creating a sense of identification and making everyone feel included.

In 18 years, the Alpargatas Institute has already helped more than 2 million children and adolescents.

In 2021, Alpargatas Institute invested a total of $863 thousand in shares.

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