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Mother's Day everyday

Mother's Day and beyond, moms do so much for us - so let’s celebrate the special women in our lives with thoughtful gifts and gestures that really make a difference! The stylish comfort of havaianas flip flops is a must-have for any mom, whether they are working at the office, running errands, taking the kids to practice, going to yoga, having a fun day with the family or even going on vacation. havaianas offers a variety of unforgettable choices for the mom in your life, ranging from stylish designs and waterproof favorites to matching options that both mom and kids can enjoy together.

stylish comfort for every mom

When it comes to mother's day gifts, havaianas offers a range of best-selling styles that are sure to delight any mom - no matter her unique style. Here are some trendy and comfortable options that make unforgettable Mother's Day presents for every type of mother:

the busy mom

For those always busy moms, cool comfort is key when running errands, going to yoga, picking up the kids, or simply chilling with the family. We love the havaianas Slim collection featuring sleek and feminine designs that moms love. These flip flops are lightweight, flexible, and perfect for everyday wear. Choose from metallic finishes, floral prints, or classic solid colors to match mom's personality and style preferences, because although all moms are busy, no two are exactly alike.

the luxe mom

There’s no other mother like her, so help her shine with a little bling and sparkle with every step. From the office to the kid’s soccer games, this stylish mom is always dressed to the nines in comfort and style from head to toe. We love adding glamor to mom's footwear collection with havaianas You Metallic flip flops. These flip flops feature metallic straps that add a subtle shine to any ensemble. Whether she's dressing up for a brunch date or heading to a summer soirée, the You Metallic flip flops elevate her look with style and sophistication.

the earth mom

Celebrate the woman who can make anything grow with floral prints and patterns as beautiful as she is. The iconic havaianas Top flip flops are a timeless favorite for their simple yet stylish design. Moms can enjoy the comfort of the signature textured footbed and the classic thong strap that stays secure with every step. Available in a wide range of colors, the Top flip flops are versatile enough to pair with casual or dressy outfits - adding a little color to any look.

fashionable flip flops for moms: trendsetting mother's day picks

This Mother's Day, give mom the gift of fashionable flip flops that keep her ahead of the style curve. havaianas offers a wide range of spring footwear styles that combine fashion and functionality, making them ideal for moms on the go. A few popular trends this season are thong flip flops in fun patterns, waterproof styles for every-day wear, and matching designs for mom and baby:

flip flops in patterns for every mom

havaianas thong flip flops are a timeless classic, known for their comfortable fit and stylish designs. Moms can choose from a variety of colors and patterns, from solid hues to vibrant prints, to match their personal style. Whether she's running errands, lounging by the pool, or enjoying a casual outing with the family, these thong flip flops from havaianas provide the perfect blend of comfort and fashion.

waterproof favorites for every day

For moms who love beach days, poolside relaxation, or water adventures with the kids, havaianas waterproof flip flops are a must-have. These sandals are designed to withstand water exposure without compromising on style or comfort. With quick-drying materials and durable construction, moms can enjoy worry-free moments by the water while looking effortlessly chic in their havaianas.

matching styles for mom and baby

Nothing is cuter than matching! Whether it’s to celebrate mom for mother’s day, or a fun look for when you visit Disneyland with the kids, havaianas matching styles for parents and kids are an unexpected gift for Mother’s Day as well as holidays! Read more below on all the different ways to match your havaianas with the entire family.

matching family styles: havaianas for moms and kids

Create precious memories with matching flip flop styles for moms and kids. These adorable and trendy designs allow moms and their little ones to twin in style while enjoying comfort and fun together. Plus it’s a great way to be a mega-fan with special collections that feature Disney characters and Disney princesses, Marvel superheroes, and more! Here are some matching family styles that make a great gift for mom and the whole family. 

colorful kids and cool moms

Let your mini-me match your style with havaianas Kids' Slim flip flops in matching colors that pair with your Slim flip flops for women. These pint-sized versions of the Slim collection feature cute prints, playful colors, and the same comfort and durability that moms love. It's the perfect way to create twinning moments that are Instagram-worthy, vibrantly colorful, and heartwarming.

Disney love for baby and mommy

For moms with young children, havaianas Baby Disney flip flops are a delightful choice. These adorable flip flops feature beloved Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and more. Moms can coordinate their outfits with their little ones, creating magical and unforgettable moments on Mother's Day, a trip to Disneyland, and beyond.

sparkle for me and you

Preparing for a special day, a fancy party or just want to shine? Why not bring the bling for both mom and kiddos with our matching crystal collection in both kids and adult sizes! These glittery and sparkle packed designs are the perfect way for mom and daughter to show off at a wedding or party, matching in style and shining all night long!

We all know moms are magic - so they deserve to sit back and relax in style this mother's day! Treat them right with the perfect Mother's Day present from our curated gift guide just for moms. Consider these ideas to make mom's day unforgettable:

gift sets: 

Treat mom to a havaianas gift set that includes a pair of flip flops, a stylish tote bag, and maybe even a matching accessory like a beach towel or sunglasses. It's a complete package that shows your love and appreciation for all she does.

spa day bundle: 

Combine a pair of havaianas flip flops with a gift certificate for a relaxing spa day. Mom can enjoy pampering herself from head to toe, starting with stylish and comfortable footwear.

mom’s night out: 

Give mom the gift of luxe with a special night out just for her and her partner or friends. A pair of stylish sparkly sandals from the Crystal collection will set the mood, while a gift certificate and reservation to a fancy restaurant will let mom relax and enjoy an evening made just for her.

family adventure:

Surprise mom with a day of adventure with flip flops that reveal the surprise trip! Maybe it’s a trip to Disneyland, unveiled with a pair of matching havaianas from the Disney collection. Or perhaps it’s a beach getaway, revealed with a flip flop from the Brazil logo collection. Whatever the surprise, she’ll walk away in style.

This Mother's Day, celebrate mom's love by giving her the gift of kicking back, putting up her feet, and relaxing in style. havaianas flip flops offer comfort, exciting patterns, and unforgettable moments with every step - the perfect companion to the mom who does it all. Whether you're choosing matching family styles, trendsetting designs, or personalized gifts, havaianas have something special for every mom - so show your appreciation and make her day extra special with the gift of comfort and style!

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