This is Havaianas

So, you think you know us? Think again! On our journey from Brazil to the world we’ve had some incredible moments – from the evolution of our design to scoring one of the biggest goals in our Brazil Logo style we’ve always had one thing in mind: living a free life! Continue reading to learn more about our story!

Who are we?

Comfort, lightness, and a touch of the Brazilian spirit to free your feet. Every time you slip into a pair of Havaianas, the possibilities are endless!

What’s #HavaHistory?

Get to know fun facts about our birthplace, brand name, inspiration, and spirit! Born in Brazil since 1962 and raised around the Globe.

What makes us so special?

Havaianas entire production process takes place in Brazil. Our original inspiration came from the traditional Japanese Zori sandal and the rice pattern design is still found on our soles today to give you comfortable, durable, water friendly and easy to clean sandals.

Are Havaianas environmentally friendly?

Life is made up of cycles, our flip flops too! We believe in a free world and in the power of renewal that’s why behind all the shapes, curves, colors and prints there are people, suppliers, machines, new technologies and materials that work effectively in the entire production chain, from creation to post-use.

Did you know we’re handmade?

Yup, you read that right! We’re handmade with love: it takes 24 pairs of hands during the manufacturing process to create lil ol’ us!

Did you know we’re made to last?

We’re here for a good time and a long time! Havaianas are built to last…

How did we become a fashion icon?

Walk, walk, fashion, baby! In the late 90s, we became a fashion icon used by designers, stylists,and models around the world… basically the “who’s who” of fashion. As a result, we began collaborating with some of the top names in fashion and appearing on runways across the globe.

Who inspired the Havaianas Top in solid colors?

We were born by the beach and so was our Top style! In 1996, after 34 years of offering only the Tradicional style, Havaianas-loving surfers were craving variety – they detached the straps from the sole and flipped the sole upside down, exposing the non-white color on top creating our first ever solid-colored sandal

What’s the kombi?

A total throwback! In the 60s, the only way to get us on your feet was from traveling salesmen driving throughout the countryside of Brazil in a van known as Kombi!

How was the Brazil Logo style born?

In 1998, we created a special flip flop for the World Cup and this lucky charm for the National Team became the iconic Brazil Logo that is still carried in our line today!

What are the classics?

Get to know our classic styles throughout the years: Brazil Logo, Slim, Top, and Tradicional. And what’s better? 100% of the materials from the Havaianas Top & Tradicional straps go back into the production process