Havaianas x MARKET Zip Top Puffer

Have you ever imagined a 2-in-1 Havaianas?

Havaianas x MARKET Zip Top Puffer. The spirit of Brazil joins forces with the creative minds behind the LA-based streetwear brand, MARKET, to create a completely new flip flop design, this innovative product is changing the game.

Through their partnership, Havaianas and MARKET have pushed the boundaries of flip flop design, reimagining not only what the product looks like, but also what it's for. Flip flops are considered by most as the go-to summer footwear, but this collaboration flips that premise on its head and repositions the thonged sandal as a warm winter option.

Watch as @markcherman gives you a closer look!

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Style it like @alexissmueller

Warm days or chilly nights, style your Havaianas x MARKET Zip Top Puffer like @alexissmueller for the perfect look no matter the temperature outside.

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In October, we linked up with our friends at MARKET in Los Angeles to throw “MARKET” by MARKET. A pop-up market in celebration of our collaboration together full of the coolest vendors, custom Havaianas x MARKET tees, our fav influencers, and the best vibes. Miss out?

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Two sidedness we can appreciate

Havaianas X MARKET did the impossible: they turned a flip flop into a shoe and then back into a flip flop. Got cold feet? Make them shoes. Can't handle the heat? Cool off by turning them back into sandals.

You can't control the heat, but your feet?

For those days that start cold, step into the Zip Top Puffer. As the day goes on and the temps rise, cool off by breaking open your sandals only to close them back up at night when it's chilly again!

Zip Top Puffer around in comfort

Havaianas Zip Top sandals make for maximum comfort 24/7. The sandals that turn sneakers... or the other way around! Too hot out? Break open the sandals. Feet feeling a little too cold? Cover them back up! The most versatile silhouette to date.

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Feel the heat

MARKET did the impossible: they turned the already-hot Tradi Zori into something even hotter by adding thermal-reactive technology. Step into these and watch the soles go from black to red as they react to the heat of your body!

Bring the heat

Is it getting hot in here or is it just us? Bring the heat to your feet with our latest drop in collaboration with MARKET.

A top-notch tech touch

The classic Top just got a top-notch tech touch thanks to MARKET. The black soles feature thermochromic technology – once you put them on, your body heat turns them red! How hot is that?!

CAUTION: Hot Sandals

WARNING: our collaboration with MARKET is hot and shows no signs of cooling down anytime soon. Shop the entire collection now.

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