Woman walking in a blue dress and yellow Havaianas Flip Flops Woman walking in a blue dress and yellow Havaianas Flip Flops

The Original Best Seller

The Brazil logo flip flop! Enjoy our most popular unisex style perfect for any occasion. The perfect combination of comfort, style, and leisure in a variety of colors!

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Carry Our Flag Everywhere!

Oh the Brazil logo, a Havaianas staple. Step into our original best seller with our unisex Brazil logo flip flops in black. A true Brazilian OG. Step into maximum comfort with our extra rubber soles! Here’s to iconic style that anybody can wear <3

A Brazilian Staple!

Meet our original best seller: The OG Brazil logo flip flop, in a gray finish! With a textured bottom and thong style strap. You can’t go wrong in our signature, comfortable unisex flip flop made in Brazil! 

A Havaianas Icon!

Grab the original Havaianas iconic flip flop in a beautiful bright blue and white colorway. An original Havaianas favorite, the Brazil Logo Flip Flop, where classic style, comfort, and fun all come together.

Some Things Never Change...

And we’ll keep it that way! There’s a reason why best sellers are... well... best sellers! Keep the tradition going and shop our original best sellers available in a variety of vibrant colors <3

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Style That Never Fails...

The Brazil flip flop! One of our most traditional, reliable style is an ode to our roots. You can never go wrong with the classic Brazilian spirit of the Brazil flip flop!

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Brazil Logo FAQ’s

What size should I select for the Brazil flip flops?

If you're a half size we recommend sizing up. Find our size chart on the product page here.

Is the Brazil style waterproof?

Yes! All Havaianas that are 100% rubber are waterproof.

Is the Brazil style comfortable?

The Brazil Top has an extra layer of rubber, making it one of our most comfortable styles!

Will the Brazil style stretch?

No, they do not stretch.

Will womens and mens Brazil style fit the same?

Yes! The Brazil Top is unisex.

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