barbie ferreira x Havaianas collaboration barbie ferreira x Havaianas collaboration

Meet our new collab: a gorgeous summer collection inspired by a shared nostalgia of Brazil with the one-and-only Barbie Ferreira. Designed by Barbie herself, step into a world where boldness pairs with style through exclusive designs that serve as an invitation to reconnect with our Brazilian roots while embracing the energy and expression of her generation. shop now

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Rooted in Brazil 

To pay homage to Brazil, Barbie designed her collection using colorways of greens, yellows, and browns that speak to the country’s energetic spirit and rich culture of vintage art, sculptures, and lush vegetation. 

A natural born collaboration

Sharing the same nostalgia of Brazil, we gave Barbie the freedom to creative direct this entire collection—a freedom she utilized to get inspired by her own roots, Brazilian architecture and interior design, including vintage elements of Rio de Janeiro in the 60s & 70s to design her exclusive styles.  

With love, Havaianas & Barbie

Behind the scenes

Get a behind the scenes look of the LA photoshoot that brought the Havaianas x Barbie Ferreira collection to life. 

Design classics

The iconic brown leather couch, created by renowned Brazilian designer Percival Lafer, served as a symbol of classic Brazilian design.


Vinyl covers inspired by the Tropicalia music movement of the 70s were on display, highlighting the aesthetics of one of Barbie’s favorite eras. 

Pão de queijo

Let’s not forget the spreads of pão de queijo (cheese bread!) on set—as a beloved favorite from the state of Minas Gerais, adding a touch of Barbie's heritage.